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October 3, 2023 | Trauma to Triumph: A Hero’s Example

As my book reflects,

“Walking Through Pain to Purpose; Turning Trauma into Triumph”, turning pain into triumph takes an experience that is very difficult and makes something positive result with purpose. We can use that pain to help others that are going through similar struggles. It doesn’t mean that the trauma we experienced wasn’t real or still doesn’t affect us, but the trauma begins to heal as we reach out and help others that are also affected by it. When we can find something good out of something so bad, it takes the experience that brought us to our knees and helps us to stand back up, on our own two feet. We help ourselves heal as we help others do the same.

In the forward of my book, I mention some very special people that are in my own life that I admire greatly as they have taken extreme trauma and turned it into triumph by using that pain and helping others that have experienced similar hardships along the way. They are my hero’s and have found immense purpose in their quest in Walking through their pain while creating purpose for themselves and helping others along the way.

One of those hero’s is Samantha Vrcic, an executive director at Path Matching and a venture partner, who transformed her pain from sexual assault into empowering initiatives for survivors.

While Samantha was in high school, she was sexually assaulted and it deeply affected her. As many of you will recall from my book, I had a similar experience and was fortunate enough to have a community of survivors that helped me through my pain and begin the healing process. As a result, I began to work with the Center Against Sexual assault in Phoenix, a wonderful organization at the time, that provided many services to those effected from hot lines, to counseling, legal issues and meeting victims at the hospital. As I worked victims, I began my journey from a victim myself to a survivor through my service at the Center Against Sexual Assault (CASA), my healing began then and created tremendous purpose that allowed me to hold my head up high once again. Samantha, while walking through her pain, has created her purpose and her own 501C3, called Path Matching. As the executive director, she taught herself to code and has created a platform for survivors with technology and resources to catch predators and create awareness of sexual assault and the need for support with this serious public health crisis.

“The mission of Path Matching is to uplift survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking through SAAM2k Empower Walks, advanced technology, and comprehensive training resources. They utilize AI to connect testimonies of similar cases, forging a community of strength for survivors.”

Whether you have been a victim against sexual assault or not, the numbers are staggering:

Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. While every 9 minutes, that victim is a child.
81% of women and 35%of men report significant short- or long-term impacts from sexual assault
Meanwhile, only 25out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison. This is a public health crisis

The Initiative for Path Matching:

To envision a world where all women are safe and empowered. A world where every survivor of sexual assault is empowered, every community is aware, and prevention is a top priority, creating a safer and more equitable society for all.

Path Matching has had two successful walks to create awareness with the next one taking place in April 2024. They also have training packages for corporations and small businesses to create awareness about harassment prevention, diversity, inclusion, and community building to foster safe and equitable work environments.

Please help Samantha in her quest to walk through her pain to purpose while she paves the way for others that have experienced the pain of sexual assault at or text “EMPOWER” to 707070, Samantha has truly turned her Trauma into Triumph and is Walking through pain to Purpose.

May We All Listen to the Wisdom of Our Whispers

With Love,


July 3, 2023 | It’s Easy To Forget: Unless We Remind Ourselves

I share in my book that I was writing to be free, but my freedom didn’t stop there. Being free takes continual study, meditation, and a strong intention to grow and become more conscious.

I recently attended the Kyron Summer – Light Conference with Shaloha Productions and WOW! This conference gave me a whole new access to freedom, happiness and peace. It also takes a village to promote change, and I am grateful that speakers and attendees at conferences such as this one are part of my village. Every speaker filled my soul with such DeVine wisdom while I also got to fully embrace and enjoy the energy of like-minded people that attended the conference.

Learning from these lovely spiritual teachers and channelers helped me embrace myself and my own journey to become more whole, more conscious, bringing and more light to both me myself and those around me.

The speakers, all lightworkers, spoke truth and shared the same message. As Matt Kahn said, his intention is to activate masters not fans. We can all be lightworkers and I for one, am IN!

Here are some of my favorite take-aways and valuable insights that I’ll be referring back to often:

  • Be a companion to others, not a rescuer.
  • Never give advice unless people ask you for it.
  • Care about others, but don’t bring in their energy, especially if they are at a low frequency.
  • Be deep by listening, even if you’re not interested. Our egos don’t listen if we are not interested.
  • How we interpret people is an extension of our feelings.
  • Be the guardian of your feelings but be interested in people.
  • Give others the right to be in their own progress. but that doesn’t mean you have to be in it with them.
  • If others need your time, make them have skin in the game. Don’t jump in and rescue; value your time.
  • People will only perceive you as they are.
  • When it seems like you are being attacked by others, you’re not. They’re just trying to keep their own pain hidden.
  • Your purpose is what you love the most. Stop telling the old sad stories. The old stories drown out the soft still voice.
  • Trust your intuition and understand your intuitive path.

As a final note, Kyron made it clear that we should not fear the darkness of those in lower frequencies. The lightworkers will overcome. Similarly, Amber Wolf shared that we all have sacred assignments. She asked, “What is yours?” I have been told that I’m a connector, so I believe my sacred assignment is to share my journey in finding my own light in any circumstances I find myself in, and in the people that teach me along the way.

Until next time. . .

With Love,


May We All Listen to the Wisdom of Our Whispers

Walking Through Pain To Purpose: Turning Trauma to Trimph booth. What an honor to present my book!

Dott. Giovanni Brincivalli, Expert Pulse Reader, Medical Doctor, and Siddha-Veda Specialist ~ trained by World-Reknowned Dr. Pan

The Kryon Summer Light Conference, a wonderful group of seekers, and those sharing their beautiful light.

Penny Phoenix Dubro, International Speaker, Teacher, Author and originator of the EMF Balancing Technique.

Dr. Clint G. Rogers, CEO of Wisdom of the World Wellness, University Researcher, TEDx Speaker, & Internationally Best-Selling Author.

Prageet Harris, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years.

Monika Muranyi, consummate researcher and archivist of the Kryon material and author.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Innovative Scientist, Doctor, Author, Speaker and Researcher in Stem Cell Therapy, DNA Expansion and Rejuvenation.

Matt Kahn, Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Powerful Motivational Speaker and Highly Attuned Empathic Healer.

Andre Ferrella, Evolutionary Artist, Spiritual Engineer, Multimedia Architect and Spirit Box Creator.

Elan Cohen, Owner and Founder of Shaloha Productions LLC. Specializing in Spiritual development Metaphysical Events and Tours 

Mar 28, 2023 | A New Beginning: Not Just to Know, But to Know How

The light went off. My book, “Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph,” was a story of the steppingstones that enabled me to reach deeper, to see more clearly and realize that I had to do the work within at a different level of understanding. The stories within the pages of my book represented my past and the lessons that were intended for my growth. Now, I am stepping into the future. The stairs within that staircase have led me on a journey to a new beginning, of not just to know, but to know how.

It has been a while since my post of last June. New beginnings have occurred both inside and out. My husband Neil and I have moved out of our house of over 20 years in Scottsdale. It is now a beautiful Vrbo home called “The Tuscany.” We moved to Puerta Vallarta last December. It’s a piece of paradise on the Pacific coast of Mexico overlooking the Banderas Bay or Bahia de Banderas. We still have our haven, surrounded by the pines in Munds Park, Arizona. We plan to spend our summers in Munds Park, while spending the winters in Puerta Vallarta.

I was blessed that we were able to create a support system in Arizona to manage our responsibilities there. This gave us the freedom for this beautiful new beginning. Both Jack and Brianna are attending college and loving life. We are grateful that our children are able to visit often, and we can share our summers together.

This was a big transition. After launching my book in April of 2022, and since my last post, I have been in survival mode. So much change! (LOL) I recently gave myself the space and permission to reengage in the work of myself and my growth. I started meditating again, and, in the stillness, I realized that many of the same behaviors that were not healthy for me, were repeating themselves. I wasn’t taking care of myself and was behaving unconsciously in old familiar patterns. The patterns that I discussed in my book; the complaining, the people pleasing, the martyring, the rushing, and the thinking that if things or people on the outside of me changed that all would be ok. I was watching the news and reading material that fed any anger or resentment that I was feeling. I wasn’t doing any work within that would remind me about my goals and who I aspired to be. My meditations allowed me to remember once again, that it was me that had to change in order to heal. Even though I was living in paradise, the same old thinking, was still bringing up the many of the same unhealthy behaviors. I would get triggered and I would react in the same manner that I always had. When I recognized that I had to make this work my most important priority, what showed up for me was Dr. Joe Dispenza!

For those not familiar with Dr. Dispenza’s work, he is teaching others how to use the latest discoveries from neuroscience and quantum physics to reprogram their brains, heal illness, and lead more fulfilling lives.

I have seen Dr. Joe speak many times over the years. I have always loved his work. His more recent work is even deeper. As he continues to evolve, he shares his work by teaching workshops and lectures all over the world. Dr. Joe is changing lives. I can proudly say, this is now my work, every day, I am DOING it and LOVING it!!!!! I knew I was missing something, and thankfully I found it!!!! YouTube is now my new best friend. The good news is, his remarkable work is available to everyone, and it’s free.

I have been studying spiritual teachings for many years, as you know from my book. But what I began to recognize is that I was knowing, but I was not doing. Wisdom cannot be taught; it must come from within us. I understand that now. We must change our unconscious patterns. Incredibly, 95% of our behavior each day is unconscious. Only 5% of our personalities are conscious to us! (Yes, this has been scientifically proven. Google it). If we tap into that 95%, the ability to control our own outcomes becomes a reality. This will not happen overnight. It takes work. We must work each day on our journey within. Just like you must keep working out to stay in shape. Your mind also has to work out, otherwise, it too, will become flabby. Making our inner selves a priority each day can help us be more conscious of what we want for ourselves. The joy and abundance we all long for can become our reality.

I have studied many other teachers with the same message, many are the greatest spiritual teachers and leaders throughout our history. Their teachings all come from the same consciousness and truth. Millions of people around the world know this truth, that it’s all within ourselves! I am grateful that I now understand, we must not just know, we must know how. The energy and peace that radiates within each one of these enlightened teachers, gives me the courage and the will to learn and grow from them and their teachings. Below are some of my favorites that I have been studying in recent years that are popular today.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, Michael Neill, Sydney Banks, Joe Bailey, Greg Braden, Eckart Tolle, Anita Moorjani, Gary Zukav, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Singer and Matt Kahn.

They may have different ways of expressing their message, but the message is the same; we must go within to become our best selves.

In the last chapter of my book, I wrote, “I’m writing to be free.” I realized I was writing to Know it. Now it is time to DO it, so I can actually be FREE. As I mentioned, lately I have been working more with Dr. Joe’s work and meditations. I believe his work helps us more in the doing, instead of the knowing. The meditations with Dr. Joe Dispenza are enormously powerful. I highly recommend them and suggest listening with headphones (better noise cancellation.)

If you are interested in changing your thoughts and behaviors, it is important to do the work both through study and meditation. Just finding that half-hour to an hour each day, can result in opening the door to more happiness and abundance. Dr. Joe frequently expresses that you can do this work through his many podcasts and books. It is my believe that Dr. Joe’s intention is to share this information with everyone who seeks it. So much so, that he’s made it available on YouTube for FREE!

If you are looking for a more in-depth and in-person experience, his organization puts on amazing events. They are not free! I love the work so much, that I have signed up to take his online course and I am currently on a wait list to attend one of his 7-day intensives. Some great friends of mine have attended his 7-day events and have told me of the many miracles that occur. I think it will be amazing.

I have absolutely no doubt that I’m already making shifts in my patterns and behavior. I am so grateful that I gave myself permission to explore this work. Today, I am putting my own happiness first. Allowing myself to learn is exciting. I plan to be an A+ student. I feel more than grateful that I can share it with you.

I pray that my light within shines more inside and out, as I make my spiritual journey, my priority. I hope I love more, I hope I give more and hope I continue to grow more. Nothing is more important than how we feel inside. I think the world would be a wonderful place if everyone knew that they are in control of obtaining such happiness and abundance. Until the next time, my whispers for now…..

May We All Listen to the Wisdom of Our Whispers

With Love,


June 29, 2022 | Bridging Science and Spirituality: Elevating Planetary Consciousness through Personal Healing

OurSoul Journey was a magnificent, intensive conference about elevating planetary consciousness through personal healing. I was blessed to attend the event in Sedona from June 10-14, 2022. All those that participated were blessed with the wisdom of a powerful foursome: Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Ph.D., Bruce Lipton,Ph.D., and Shamini Jain. These teachers have influenced me tremendously. The words I’ve written in my book would not have the same meaning without them. In fact, I have followed and studied Gregg, Anita, and Bruce for many years and was newly introduced to Shamini. Since attending, I am still dancing in the clouds and wanted to share a bit about the experience with you.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, an American Biologist, and Gregg Braden, a scientist with a specialty in geology and earth science, are both bestselling authors on a quest to bring awareness to the world. The gap between science and spirituality is becoming smaller because scientists are becoming more aware of those things that we cannot see but are very much there guiding and supporting each of us—just as you cannot see electricity, sound waves, radio waves, Wi-Fi signals, and cell phone signals. Our radios work, and we rely on them, so we can rely on signals beyond our senses as well.

If you have questions beyond my explanation, and there are certainly many, I invite you to explore the writing of these enlightened men by visiting their websites at and The whispers I speak of, and much more, will be explained through their work with data that will take a scientific, fact-minded individual and open their awareness to new and delightful understandings.

The intention of bringing these four teachers together at Our Soul Journey was to bring more light into those things that we cannot see. There couldn’t be a more perfect choice to do that than Anita Moorjani, Ph.D. My last blog highlighted Anita, bestselling author of Dying to be Me, and more. She is an accredited speaker who shares about her Near Death Experience and the shift that occurred within her as a result. Her story has opened the minds of many that have questioned these experiences in the past with information that could not be explained otherwise. Anita also shares her story with the world so that we can trust that our experiences on this plane of life are all here for the benefit of our growth and to walk toward enlightenment. I have seen Anita speak many times; she certainly did not disappoint. I left the conference feeling even more connected to myself and my purpose. I am still basking in the glory of her guidance.

Shamini Jain is a visionary scientist, psychologist, author, and evolutionary leader. She has the energy and heart of a healer. Her intention is to bring her gifts to the world in a quest to heal ourselves with both science and spirituality. In her bestselling book, Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health, she explains practical keys to healing and expanding our consciousness. She did not disappoint at our conference, and I am more than excited to dive more deeply into her work.

If we seek, we shall grow and expand our consciousness for there is no greater purpose we all have here in this lifetime. As I have mentioned, my book and my life are an example of seeking through the eyes of those that have stepped closer toward their true essence. I share their work with the understanding that we all have to work together to share our journey for the good of us all. I cannot express enough how elated I feel in the company of the individuals that are seeking. I had a blast and met many beautiful people that I hope to share experiences with in the years to come.

Shaloha Productions produced the event. They did a fabulous job and even sold my books at the event! We are all one and we can all be part of lifting the consciousness of ourselves and our world. It feels my heart!

May You Walk in Love and Light through the Wisdom of Your Whispers.

May 24, 2022 | Why I Wrote My Book

MANYof you have asked me why I wrote my book, so I thought that would be a great way to begin my first official blog to all of you!

As I mention in my book and as my many source citations reflect, I have always had a deep yearning to learn and grow. My walk throughout the pages of my book are an example of a life spent learning and growing from the words of many enlightened teachers.  Over years of studying the many talented authors, teachers, and therapists, I would chip away at the patterns within myself that were unconscious and creating unhappiness in my life. With time and continued study, I began to incorporate these people’s teachings into my life. The work helped me question my old belief systems and began to break me open so that I could reach inside and continue my quest to find my true self, my whole self. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to grow throughout my lifetime from the many wise souls that I have learned from which have always had such a tremendous impact on me and my purpose to become whole.

I believe we all begin to heal once we open up doors that reveal truth and become aware. In the book Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani and in her article from Heal Your Life called “Only a Flashlight,” she uses a metaphor to describe our limited perspectives in life. Moorjani expresses this with a metaphor in this way; picture, you’re in a huge, dark warehouse where the lights don’t work, all you have is a flashlight. You can only see where the light is shown, which doesn’t mean that nothing else exists in the warehouse. You just haven’t shown your light on it. As you move your flashlight, the light shows you how much more is there that you couldn’t see before.

That’s how consciousness works. As your awareness grows, your understanding grows, and you grow with that expansion. Then Moorjani takes the metaphor another step, explaining that one day, someone flicks on a switch and you suddenly see the whole warehouse. The warehouse is magnificent with such beauty and complete perfection, it takes your breath away. With that expanded view, nothing can take away your understanding of the brilliance of everything in the warehouse ever again. You will continue to explore all of the gifts within it, each time with a greater understanding of each treasure and its significance. The very same thing happens in the physical world as you find all the many gifts within YOU.

I’m not a professional therapist and have no training in psychology, but I know for sure that Anita Moorjani and many teachers just like her have made a huge difference in my life. I will be forever grateful to them for sharing their wisdom with me. My book is an example of my walk in the work. For me, when I was ready, the teacher I needed at that moment always appeared.

May You Walk in Love and Light through the Wisdom of your Whispers.

P.S. Remember to write your review of Turning Trauma into Triumph on Amazon. XOXO

P.S.S.  I would also like to extend a huge shout out to my publisher and her team for making this all happen:

Laura L. Bush PhD, Founder and CEO, Peacock Proud Press
Eric V. Van Der Hope, Book Publishing Stategist
Jan Linnell, Book Designer
Charles Grosel, Lead Editor
Wendy Ledger, Copy Editor
Gloria Carmer, Proofreader
Karianne Munstedt, Portrait Photographer

And my Team:

Amanda Graff: Multimedia Designer
Collette Johnson: Personal Assistant

May 2, 2022 | Thank You For A Successful Book Launch

Hi Friends,
WOW!!!! I am in a Dream and it’s a Dream you are All IN!!!! I had the best pre-launch team EVER and we did it, We Made BESTSELLER!!!!! The kick-off party could not have gone better for those you of that were in Scottsdale to celebrate. The enthusiasm, the speakers, the music, the food and most importantly all of YOU that made the day so Special, it really still does not seem real.

If you like the book, please continue to spread the word. The most important criteria from this point forward are the reviews to determine the success of the book.

Reviews can be done directly through your Amazon account by signing in and going to your orders page and finding the Walking Through Pain to Purpose book order.

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